Call Whispers & Call Screening

This service lets you know who is calling before the call connects. Choose your number range that you require from the buttons above and Call recording will be automatically included.

It can be used in many ways. Most commonly:

All of our numbers come with the ability to use Whisper and Screening services. It is included as standard with our Numbers Plus Business Advanced and Business Professional packages or as an upgrade from other packages.


Case Study

A plumber who is based at home but is often working on site has a Freephone emergency number set up with a call whisper. The service routes incoming calls to his home line and then to his mobile if the home line is engaged or not answered. One day while on site a new customer calls the plumber and his home phone rings. The plumber's wife also works from home and uses the same line. When she picks up the call she hears a short message informing her that the call is for her husband. She chooses to reject the call and the caller is diverted to the plumber's mobile number. When he answers the call he also hears the short message and opts to take the call. All the while the caller hears the normal ringtone and is blissfully unaware of the clever routing that delivered the call.




All options for call whispers are completely configuration via our on-line console. The console features some great call whisper functionality, such as:


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