0800 / 0808 Freephone Business Telephone Numbers

A great choice for generating sales enquiries.

  • Using a freephone number can increase your sales enquiries by up to 50 percent.
  • These calls are free to the caller when dialling from landlines or mobile phones.
  • We offer great packages with inclusive minutes.

Take a look at our video walkthrough opposite to see how our system works, and what it can do for your business.

Quickly secure a Freephone number for your business in the 4 easy steps below.

Step One - Choose Your Number

When selecting a Freephone number, we have a range of different number prefixes available.


Please select below the desired freephone number range you would like to select a number from.



Then please select your number from the list below. The number selected will be highlighted in red, and only one number can be selected. Numbers are classified into Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Step Two - Choose Your Package

Please choose the package you would like your number to be installed upon below, by clicking on the package required below. The current package selected will be highlighted in red. The package you choose depends on the functionality you require on your number. To find out more about packages please click here.




Special Offer
£ 6.75 *
per month
+ FREE 1000 Landline/Mobile Mins
+ FREE Silver Number

A great option for SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises) looking for a business phone system that can manage customer calls efficiently. With this package you can greet your callers professionally with a recorded welcome message and the time of day routing option included in this package allows you to take business calls during office hours and have calls outside of office hours handled differently by playing a message, taking a voicemail, or routing to an out of hours support team. The package includes:

  • Silver Number
  • Greeting Message
  • Online Management
  • Call Whispers
  • Voicemail To Email
  • Full Statistical Suite
  • Mobile / International Routing
  • Time Of Day Routing
  • VOIP Routing
  • iPhone App
  • Email/SMS Call Alerts
  • 5 Call Routes
  • Number Presentation

For further details, please click here.

*£6.75 for the first 3 months, £10 per month thereafter.

Step Three - Select Your Destination

Please insert in the box below the destination number you would like calls forwarded too when someone calls your Numbers Plus virtual business number. This can either be a UK landline or UK mobile. If you are unsure of your destination number, then click on the "I'll add later" link below. If you would like to route to a non UK number, or a number that is not a UK landline or Mobile, please click "I'll add later" below, as this can be done later when your number is set up from our online console.


I'll add a destination number in later

I want to use VOIP


Step Four - Complete Your Order

Click below to continue and add this number to your basket. You can then add further numbers, or checkout and get your new business number online in seconds.




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