Call Recording

Add Network Call Recording to any of our products!

You can add Call Recording to your service bundle at any time and with any number type Once applied to your number, you can elect to record your calls received on all inbound destinations or just certain routes. The recordings are saved on your online console in a dedicated archive and also sent to you by email as an MP3 file attachment.

Why use Call Recording?

The main uses are:

  • Monitor calls for training so that new employees can review past calls.
  • Monitor calls for quality to ensure standards are being adhered to.
  • For compliance with regulations or practices applicable to your business.
  • To establish factual information such as evidence of a transaction.

How Does Call Recording Work?

Very simple. The console allows you to select the inbound destinations that need calls recorded and there is a space for you to enter the email address where the recordings should be sent at the end of each call. Our system does the rest with each call received recorded as an MP3 file that can be played with the majority of media players.

Why Use Network Call Recording?

Using our service means that you do not need to buy or maintain your own call recording equipment. Our service records all inbound calls whether the call is delivered to a landline or to a mobile. It is a simple one-stop reliable call recording service

The Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR

The full details of the act can be found here

The Act requires you to follow the following guidelines when recording your calls:

  • When using Call Recording, you must inform the calling party that the call may be recorded and give the reason. A typical message is "This call may be recorded for training and quality purposes"
  • The caller should give consent. This is implied if the caller stays on the line and continues with the conversation. If the call is likely to contain sensitive or classified information then explicit consent should be sought (i.e. The conversation will reveal details of the caller's race or ethnic origin, their political affiliation, religion, union membership, physical or mental health issues, sexual lifestyle or any offences committed or legal proceedings.)
  • Recorded calls must be kept for no longer than necessary. The call detail must be stored under secure conditions and must be accessible to either party at their request.

Employee's Rights with Monitored Calls

If calls are monitored the employees should be informed that their calls are recorded and the employer must obtain their consent.

Is it always necessary to inform callers that the call is being recorded?

Only if you intend to pass the recording or details of the call to a third party. If you do then you will require consent.


All options for call recording are completely configuration via our on-line console. The console features some great call recording functionality, such as:

  • Record on all destinations or choose particular lines.
  • Online console to access recordings.
  • Easy search options to trace particular recordings.
  • Download recordings from the web.
  • Deliver to email, FTP or store online.
  • Stored as MP3 file.
  • Long term storage option.


  • Instant set up - no installation required
  • Reliable and secure. No risk of data loss
  • Uses a hosted solution, no hardware required
  • No capital expenditure or maintenance costs
  • Ideal for legal and regulatory compliance
  • Record calls delivered to remote workers on home phones or mobiles
  • Fast access to recordings online
  • Excellent as a tool for improving customer service