0871 / 0872 Business Telephone Numbers

Ideal for technical support lines or information services. The number will cost the caller between 9p per minute and 13p per minute to dial (depending on the tariff you choose) plus an access charge levied by their phone provider. These numbers are considered premium rate and subject to the Code of Practice issued by Phonepay Plus.

Each of these numbers has an element of revenue share. We pay you on a monthly basis for the calls that you receive at up to 7p per minute provided that the revenue exceeds a £20.00 minimum each month.

Where the number is published you are required to show the cost using the wording "Calls charged at Xp per minute plus your phone provider's access charge".

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per month
+ FREE Standard Number

A great option for SMEs (Small/Medium Enterprises) looking for a business phone system that can manage customer calls efficiently. With this package you can greet your callers professionally with a recorded welcome message and the time of day routing option included in this package allows you to take business calls during office hours and have calls outside of office hours handled differently by playing a message, taking a voicemail, or routing to an out of hours support team. The package includes:

  • Silver Number
  • Greeting Message
  • Online Management
  • Email/SMS Call Alerts
  • 5 Call Routes
  • Number Presentation
  • Voicemail To Email
  • Fax To Email
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Statistics
  • Mobile / International Routing
  • Time Of Day Routing
  • Call Whispers
  • Call Screening
  • International Call Block
  • Unknown Caller Block
  • VOIP Routing
  • iPhone App

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087 Business Numbers Tariffs and Ranges

When selecting an 087 number, we have a range of different number prefixes and tariffs available. On 087 numbers, you can select from calls costing the caller from 9 pence per minute up to 13 pence per minute (plus their phone providers access charge), there is also an option for a pence per minute charge and a pence per call charge (Note the pence per minute charge does not comes into effect until the call has lasted longer than 60 seconds).


Each number prefix has a seperate tariff, you cannot fix prefixes with different tariffs, they have to remain static.


Please select below the desired tariff you would like to view.





Payment Details for 0872 563 - 10ppm Service Charge

Additional costs are shown below:


(8am - 6 pm)
(6pm - 8am)
(All Day Sat & Sun)
Your Payment 5.00 ppm 5.50 ppm 5.50 ppm
Surcharge if routing to mobile Free (No Revenue Share) Free (No Revenue Share) Free (No Revenue Share)
What it costs the caller to call the number 10.00 ppm 10.00 ppm 10.00 ppm


The "Cost for someone to call" above presumes that the caller is on a BT Tariff & VAT is included, and does not include your callers phone provider's access charge. Our payment prices exclude VAT & assume the call forwards to a UK Landline. PPM is and abbreviation for pence per minute and PPC is pence per call.


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