Advanced Package

Any number service from Numbers Plus is assigned to a package. A package is a collection of functionalities that are offered that are active on your telephone numbers with us.


Each package may contain different options such as a welcome message or a personalised greeting message, or more advanced options such as call queuing or call recording.


When you select a Numbers Plus telephone number, you can select from one of our 4 available packages, or you can customise a package and add additional options that you require.


Depending on the package and the number selected, your package may come with included minutes. Included minutes within a package are generally classified into 2 categories, either landline minutes or mobile minutes, or you can have both. Included minutes are used when your Numbers Plus telephone number is diverting over to another number, for example your home number, office number or mobile phone. Obviously there is a cost for us to dial out to a number, so included minutes, mean that you can divert out to a landline or mobile phone without incurring any further costs, for the amount of minutes selected in your package. Further minutes outside of this monthly allowance will be charged at a set rate.


Our Advanced Package contains the following options:


Option Description
Standard Number or Silver Number A Numbers Plus Standard or Silver telephone number is included within this package at no extra cost. Should you require a different classification of number, then an extra payment may be required.
Greeting Message Improve your company image by greeting every call with a professional welcome message, such as "Thank you for calling ABC Company, please hold for our next available operator".
Online Web Management Our online console allows you to make changes to your telephone number service in real time.
Multiple Call Routes to Five Destinations Ensure that you receive each call by up to five destination routing options to your number. With this feature, if your main line is engaged or unanswered for a set amount of time, you can divert calls to alternative numbers, perhaps to another office phone, a mobile phone, or our Call Answering Service.
Called Number Presentation If you have caller display enabled on your home, office or mobile phone then this feature allows you to choose to display your Numbers Plus number rather than the caller's number. This helps to seperate and identify a business call from a personal or direct call.
Voicemail To Email If you are very busy or simply away from the office then our voicemail service can take a message and then forward the audio file to your email account. You can also pick up your voicemail through our online console, or by using our mobile app, or alternatively even by dialling into your Numbers Plus number and using your admin PIN. Our voicemails are sent in MP3 format and so are compatible with all devices.
Fax To Email With our fax to email service you can use your number to receive faxes and have those faxes delivered to your email account as a PDF document, which can be saved or printed as required. The document is also stored in our secure console, and available in our mobile app.
Live Call Statistics You can monitor the volume of incoming calls at any time. Our live statistics show every detail of the call including the time of day the call was made, the number of the caller, the number they dialled and the number we connected the caller too. These reports are available in our online console and in our mobile app.
Mobile Routing/International Routing By default our services only allow onward routing to a UK landline destination. With this option, you can route calls to other destinations. Please note that the cost of call delivery will be higher, and any calls outside of your package allowance will be billed in your monthly statement.
Time of Day Routing This option allows you to set up different call plans for different times of the day and for different days of the week. This can be as simple as a basic out of office hours message, informing callers of your business hours and offering the option of leaving a voicemail or calling back during opening hours, to more complicated routings based upon calling different destinations at different times through the day or week.
Call Whisper If you use a line that takes calls for different businesses or have a home line that is also used for your business, then this feature will allow you to determine the type of call before it connects by prompting you with a short message before the caller is put through. You can even decide to send the call off to voicemail if you want, or the next number in your routing plan, this can be selected without the callers knowledge.
Call Screening With call screening a caller is asked to give their name at the start of the call. When the call is connected to you, the name recorded will be played back to you and you will have the option of taking the call or rejecting the call so that it passes to the next number in the routing plan or to voicemail if this is the last or only number.


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