Call Recording

You can add Call Recording to your service bundle at any time and with any number type (it is included with our Numbers Plus Business Pro service.) Once applied to your number, you can elect to record your calls received on all inbound destinations or just certain routes. The recordings are saved on your on-line console in a dedicated archive and also sent to you by email as an MP3 file attachment. Choose your number range that you require from the buttons above and Call recording will be automatically included.


Why Use Call Recording?

The main uses are:


How Does Call Recording Work?

Very simple. The console allows you to select the inbound destinations that need calls recorded and there is a space for you to enter the email address where the recordings should be sent at the end of each call. Our system does the rest with each call received recorded as an MP3 file that can be played with the majority of media players.


Why Use Network Call Recording?

Using our service means that you do not need to buy or maintain your own call recording equipment. Our service records all inbound calls whether the call is delivered to a landline or to a mobile. It is a simple one-stop reliable Call Recording Service.


The Data Protection Act 1998

The Act requires you to follow the following guidelines when recording your calls:



Employee's Rights with Monitored Calls

If calls are monitored the employees should be informed that their calls are recorded and the employer must obtain their consent.


Is it always necessary to inform callers that the call is being recorded?

Only if you intend to pass the recording or details of the call to a third party. If you do then you will require consent.



All options for call recording are completely configuration via our on-line console. The console features some great call recording functionality, such as:


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