Choose The Right Telephone Number For Your Business

Whether you are just starting up, or if you are an established business it is always worth taking the time to make sure that the type of number you use for customer contact is the right one for your business, to give the best impression, or to serve the best purpose.


If your business has a sales campaign then you might want to encourage callers with a low cost or freephone number, if you are selling in a specific area then a local number for that area is the best option, if you are a national company then a national 03 number is a good idea and if you have a support team dealing with technical queries you might consider a higher cost number that can offset the cost of support.


Numbers Plus has a wide selection of numbers ranges available for you to choose from. Some ranges come in a variety of tariffs or geographic locations.


To get started just make your choice below, if you are still unsure please contact us and one of our experienced advisors will help to ensure you get the correct number for your needs.




01/02 Local Numbers

If your customer base or marketing campaign is focused in a particular area, then a geographic town or city number (beginning with 01 or 02) would be the ideal choice.


Numbers Plus has many different locations available for you to choose from, for example London (0203), Birmingham (0121), Leeds (0113) etc.


Additionally, if you are away from the office then your geographic number can be forwarded to a mobile number. Callers to your geographic number will not know they are actually contacting you on your mobile and will not receive any additional charges by doing so.


Click here for 01/02 Numbers



03 National Numbers

The 03 prefix is national number used by a wide variety of organisations and is recommended for any business with a national customer base or for any business wishing to present a professional image to their customers. They come in a variety of prefixes such as 0333 or 0345, but there is no difference in their use or call charges.


The 03 number range has the advantage of being included with all inclusive-minute call packages offered by mobile and landline networks and as such can be free to call if your customer has such a package. Outside of such packages the charge is the same low cost as a regular geographic number beginning 01 or 02.


Click here for 03 National Numbers



Freephone Numbers

If you are using the number for a sales line, then a Freephone 0800 or 0808 number would give callers the most incentive to contact you.


Companies using a freephone number will usually see an increase in advertising responses when the number is free to call. The 0800 range is well established and since July 1st 2015 a freephone call is free across all of the mobile networks as well as landlines.


Our freephone packages include a certain amount of free minutes within the service charge however it is worth noting that that calls originating from a payphone or a mobile network incur a small surcharge that is not included in any minute bundle. An alternative choice to consider is the 03 range which is low cost and does not have any network surcharges.


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Support Lines

After-sales support lines where a customer needs to speak to you about a purchased product or service must be provided on a freephone number 0800/ 0808 or a low cost number beginning 01/02 or 03. An 084, 087 or 09 number is no longer allowed for this type of call.


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Marketing Campaigns

For marketing campaigns, we recommend an 084 number (2-7p per minute) which can potentially earn your business a small revenue for the calls received (5p and above).


Numbers with a charge of 5p and above are available free of charge and using the statistical information in the console you can measure which of your campaigns is performing the best.


Click here for 084 Numbers



Technical Support

For technical support lines outside of normal after-sales support criteria you may like to consider an 0871 or 09 number which can generate a revenue for the business. We have a wide range of tariffs from 9p per minute right up to £6.00 per call. Please note that these lines are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority and there are guidelines for their use. We would be happy to assist and advise you with regard to these lines.


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Need Help?

If you are unsure what number suits your business, or if you are an established business who requires bulk numbers, please Contact Us and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you in your choice and provide competitive quotes for your business requirements.



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